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Hello, I'm Sami!I'm an illustrator from Thailand. Drop me an email if you'd like to work with me!


personal art Commissions
terms of service

Please read everything before commissioning.
※ Applies to all commission options.

This commission is for personal use only. For businesses, agencies, organizations, management and groups, or to any with interest in a commercial art commission, please contact me to arrange in more detail via email at samijenart@gmail.comSubjects I will draw:
• Original Characters
• Real people (with photo reference provided)
• Characters from other media /fandoms that I’m not in or familiar with
• Fantasy style characters (e.g. FFXIV, WoW, D&D characters, etc.)
• Anthropomorphic characters or other species (e.g. tabaxi, dragonborn)
• Light gore ( example 1, example 2)
Subjects I will NOT draw:
• NSFW or any characters that are overly sexualized
• Mecha/sci-fi art style
• Realism (real people will be drawn stylized)
• Extreme gore
• Copying other's art styles
Timeline & ProcessThe completion of the commission requires 2 weeks at minimum, and may possibly take up to 2 months if there is a long commission queue. Feel free to ask for an update if you believe I am taking too long. I will let you know if anything is causing delays to the commission (though, minor delays will be announced on Trello).Fill out form → pay → email → sketch → lines, color, shading → finalPayment via Paypal/Stripe: Please fill out the Google Form linked in the next page. Once I receive your submission, I will send out an invoice that must be paid in full before receiving an email (unless there are matters to discuss beforehand). After payment, I will immediately get into sketching and discussing the commission with you.Payment via Ko-Fi: After buying a commission slot on Ko-fi, you willl be linked to a Google Form. Please fill it out. I will send an email along with sketches once I receive your submission.Character DesignJust for clarification, you must pay a Character Design fee (100$USD) if you do not have any clear references for a character. We'll take the time to discuss and sketch out what they'll look like. The final result for the design will be a cleaned up sketch, NOT a complete character reference sheet.CommunicationCommunication will take place throughout the entire process via email only. Communication via Ko-fi messages is possible, though unpreferred as sending and viewing images there is quite inconvenient.Rights, Usage & CreditsI retain original copyright and ownership of the artwork, which includes redistributing, reproducing, advertising, displaying the commission on my websites, social media and portfolios according to my discretion. I have rights to repurpose unused process work for future projects, personal or otherwise.You are granted exclusive rights for personal use of the artwork as agreed upon, which must not be transferred to any other parties. Personal use includes: Social media profile pictures, wallpapers, personal website display, or physical prints that are not for sale or distribution to any other party (If have need for other uses, please email me for clarification).Any commission done must NOT be used for AI (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning, AI/ML Training, NFT, blockchain or any for profit platforms or purposes, and in any future technology. Such usage is completely prohibited and will result in legal action taken.You may not claim the commissioned artwork as their own, or anyone else’s and therefore must credit me as the artist as "Sami Jen".Cancellation, RefundsA complete refund will be provided only if the process(sketching) has not started. During the sketching stage, a 50% refund will be applicable. No refunds will be provided once the sketch is complete and the full process has commenced.If for any unforeseen reason I cannot complete the commission, I will take initiative to inform you and provide a full refund.AgreementBy commissioning, you confirm you are at least 18 and above and agree to all of the terms of service as listed above.You acknowledge the product is DIGITAL and there is no physically shipped goods to receive. Chargebacks are not permitted and the refund policy as mentioned before will be followed.The date for this agreement is upon the first inquiry/communication for the commission or upon the first transaction made.

*All prices are in USD

Option 1: simple

Minimal shading. No background.Half body: 90$ USD ✦
Full body: 150$ USD ✦
Extra character: +20$USD per character
Character design: +100$USD per character
You can request a transparent background version!

Option 2: Full color

Full color and shading with background.Half body: 250$ USD ✦
Full body: 350$ USD ✦
Extra character: +50$USD per character
Character design: +100$USD per character


  • For original characters, you must have at least 1 character reference image. If not, I can design your character based off of a description and some photo references. We'll take the time to visualize your character together before getting to the actual commission ^^ (Character design: +100$USD per character)

  • If you're commissioning FFXIV WoLs, take a look at this reference guide!

  • Commissions are to be paid upfront in full price before starting!



✦ What tablet do you use?
- iPad Pro 12.9inch (6th Gen). Occasionally I will use the XPPen Artist 10 Pen Display (2nd gen) when drawing on my laptop.
✦ What art program?
- Clip Studio Paint (Pro version).
✦ Where can I send you a small tip?
- On BMaC or Ko-fi.
✦ Can you teach me how to draw?
- You can buy my art class on CLASS101. It's not live, so you can study at your own pace. I'll also give you full feedback as you learn! Alternatively, I have a few tutorials on Youtube.

✦ Can I repost your art?
- Depends. You'll have to ask me personally which art you want to repost and where you'll post it. I'd like to be in control of where my art goes and seen by who. Reposts on Pinterest is fine though, as it's use as a reference and resource site for other artists!
✦ What about social media/discord profile pics/header or phone wallpaper?
- Sure! Feel free to use for that.
✦ When will you open for commissions?
- Not sure, it's very spontaneous.


Clip Studio Paint brushes and auto actions that I use very often.